Iskrena rakija


Five varieties of plums for one luxurious plum brandy

The bottle of Iskrena plum brandy is the gathering place for 3 native and 2 newly emerged varieties of fine Serbian plums.

Here are: the queen of plums, Red Ranka, unforgettable Požegača, sweet Moravka, and the sisters Čačanska Rodna and Čačanska Lepotica.

These varieties are blended with a lot of experience and reliance on modern technology, always delivering a recognizable taste. With Iskrena, there are no surprises. Always consistent, it will never disappoint with any sip. Each bottle of Iskrena plum brandy is of the same refinement. It has the same luxurious taste.

When it's plum, let it be Iskrena.

When it's plum, let it be Iskrena.

For years, we've experimented with blends of different varieties and created various plum brandy recipes. As we honed our craft, we looked up to the old Serbian hosts who distilled brandy with the utmost passion, while also absorbing knowledge from prestigious world distilleries.

After much practical and theoretical refinement, we succeeded in our initial mission: creating a brandy that both seasoned connoisseurs and first-timers would enjoy drinking and savoring its taste.

Smooth and tastefull, Iskrena easily seduces even the most sensitive palates.

With its smooth finish and intense essence, it's the perfect gift for anyone and fits seamlessly into different social settings. Honest is enthusiastically toasted by Serbian hosts, businessmen, and modern ladies alike. It's equally beloved at home as it is abroad.

Welcomed at all significant gatherings, it's there after a long day of work, supporting meetings with business partners, celebrating business success, or as a gesture of attention in the form of a corporate gift. This plum brandy will be your faithful companion through every success.






When it's plum, let it be Iskrena.

A memorable taste packaged in an unforgettable bottle.

For a brandy to earn an enviable reputation and the epithet "premium quality," it's not enough for its production method to be technologically advanced. Nor is it sufficient for it to have a seductive taste. Although Honest proudly boasts both, we wanted it to have that third, X factor: an exclusive appearance.

A square glass bottle with a thick bottom, paired with a memorable yet elegant black label, has proven to be the perfect aesthetic presentation of everything Honest embodies. The first impression is important, and Honest knows that well, and boy does it use it.

Both in taste and appearance, it deserves a place on the menu of prestigious hotels and restaurants. Its aesthetics complement warm, homey atmospheres as well as exclusive hospitality interiors.

Pour it when you want to toast to an occasion, and gift it when you're looking for a token of attention that will leave a strong impression. Iskrena is the perfect reason to bring out those glasses you keep in a prominent place in the display cabinet.






Order Iskrena brandy online or visit us for a tasting experience.

Now you can order Iskrena with just a few clicks. Choose your desired quantity, fill out the form, and cheers! Iskrena will arrive at your doorstep in just one day if you're ordering from Belgrade, or just a few days if you're ordering from elsewhere in Serbia.

If you have any additional questions and want to learn more before ordering, the Kokanović family is available.

Contact us, and we'll gladly answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need. We can arrange a visit to our distillery this way. Come to Slavkovica, and we'll guide you through the Iskrena production process, show you the barrels where we store the brandy, and with a tasting - we'll gladly toast with you.


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